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Know your status: why black women need to be proactive about HIV


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Susan Cole discusses why its important for black women to take control of their sexual health

This World AIDS Day there’s a lot to celebrate for many in the UK. We’re now seeing a significant drop in new HIV infections, particularly in gay men in London. It’s finally acknowledged that people with HIV on effective treatment can’t pass the virus on and can expect to live as long as anyone else. There’s a new remarkable once a day pill that can prevent HIV. Time for ebullient complacency? Afraid not. Black women aren’t even close to white gay men in reaping the benefits of the latest advances.

Matthew Hodson, Chief Executive of Nam Aidsmap, the HIV information charity, highlighted the issue of HIV related inequality between different groups “This year has seen astonishing progress in our efforts to prevent new cases of HIV. However, our successes cannot be triumphs until…

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