Ntima Delen

téléchargement (1) Roy Lichtenstein

I’m going to show you my bosom, right?

And you’re going to love me

Because that’s what you do.

You give love,

You appreciate,

You cuddle,

You touch,

You caress,

And I need this love.

I need this constant attention to me.

You’re going to tell me that you find me beautiful,

I’m going to be embarrassed in front of you.

While it won’t be faked

When I’ll be alone I’ll constantly think about this moment,

The moisture in your eyes,

Your lazy smile,

Your hands lingering on my body,

The curves of your lips when you whisper

“You’re beautiful”.

I’m going to bathe in the glory,

I’m going to fall for you, maybe?

But is it true love or is it loving the attention?

Is it affection or is it plain teenagy lust?

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